CICP Operation Guide 2015



Your advisor will help you to do most of the administrative procedure. Before purchasing, booking tickets etc., please do talk to your advisor first.

Also please do not forget to submit ”振込依頼書“ for registration of your bank account before your travel.

You must receive all the goods you asked by 31st of March 2016 which is our fiscal and educational year end.

If you plan to travel for attending a conference around the end of March 2016, please do contact to Ms. Youko Tsuji (for regular track) at the Information Science Office, A106 before conference registration.

Purchasing expendables, books

NAIST guidelines prohibit all students from ordering/purchasing goods including books for your research, experiment use by yourselves. If you need to buy something, please ask to your advisor at first. Again, please note you need permission to buy goods from your advisor.

Only professors or secretary can order/purchasing goods for students.

Receiving items, books

When you receive items including books, please don’t forget to have an “inspection stamp”(検収印) on the delivery invoice ”納品書”at the Information Science Office,A106, and your professor’s stamp as well. We cannot accept the purchase without these stamps.

You must receive all items by 31st of March 2016 which is the end of the fiscal year 2015.

When you received items, please submit 3 original documents which are a quotation“見積書”, a delivery invoice”納品書“ with a “items received stamp” and a billing invoice”請求書“, to your lab’s secretary or Youko Tsuji at the Information Science Office,A106,  as soon as possible.

Items which cost more than 500,000 yen

If you plan to purchase items which cost more than 500,000 yen in total, please submit a quotation“見積書” to Youko Tsuji at the Information Science Office,A106, after getting a permission from your advisor. Your advisor can not order/purchase items which cost more than 500,000 yen.


Your travel expenses and lodging expenses will be paid by NAIST when your expenses are reasonable, properly approved and documented subject to the guidelines. We cannot accept any your personal vehicle travel or taxi fees and such.

Normally we will reimburse your travel and lodging expenses. And all expenses will be reimbursed subject to the NAIST guidelines.

Again please talk to your advisor first about your plan.

Booking Accommodation

Before booking your accommodation, please read our guidelines for per diem rates for lodging. Our Per Diem rates for lodging differ by travel locations.

Booking Flight Tickets

Please contact to your travel agents by yourself. We recommend that you ask to your lab’s secretary or your advisor about travel agents. You may book your flights from a website but please do not book a package tour. We will approve only the economy class and normal traveled routes. All the documents such as travel itinerary from a travel agent should be to the traveler’s name.

Normally we will reimburse your travel expenses however we can prepay if you wish. If you wish for the prepayment, please contact to Ms. Youko Tsuji with travel itinerary and a billing invoice etc.. Please note that we cannot process your prepayment when it is not enough time before your travel.

Before Your Travel

After booking tickets, please e-mail to Youko Tsuji ( about traveler(s)’:

  • Name, lab, academic year, traveling date, destination places and address, travel reason, conferences original URL address.

If you plan to travel abroad, please submit your travel itinerary from a travel agent as well.

After Your Travel by AIR

Please submit your ORIGINAL boarding passes after your travel. For the international flights, we also need photocopies of your passport pages which are both your personal information page(s) and visa/immigration stamps page(s).

Conference Registration Fee

We will reimburse your registration fee for a conference as well. Proof of the original receipt and a name card which normally they will provide at the conference site are required. Also please submit copies of the conference registration web pages which show the registration fee list. When you pay conference registration fees by your credit card, please submit billing statements of your credit card too.

We do not reimburse meals. When meals are included in conference registration fees, a deduction must be made from the applicable per diem rate or the conference’s regulations if you provide.

Reimbursable Expenses

For domestic travel, actual reasonable expenses for public transportation might be reimbursed subject to the limits set forth in our guidelines. For international travel, per diem rates are including reasonable public transportation fees. However if actual public transportation fees cost more than per diem dates, please do provide your receipt or tickets etc. which are shown the places and prices. It might be possible to be reimbursed.

Please note that we do not reimburse taxi fees for both domestic and international travels.

Per Diem Rates for Domestic and Internatilnal

To find reates, please refer “奈良先端科学技術大学院大学旅費支給規程“(Japanese) .

Please submit all the documents to Ms. Youko Tsuji at the Information Science Office, A106.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30a.m.-5:30p.m

Email: youko-h <at>