CICP2015 Call for Proposal

To Students in G.S. Information Science    

Prof. Shoji  Kasahara, Curriculum Coordinator

Prof. Yasuhiko Nakashima & Prof. Keiichi Yasumoto, CICP co-managers

Call for Proposals: Creative and International Competitiveness Project (CICP) 2015

Innovative, original and delightful research proposals are solicited as follows:

Aim & Scope

 CICP is an educational operation of the graduate school of information science, NAIST. The first purpose is giving an opportunity to raise the student's ability to plan and manage research projects as well as the communication skills. CICP is a unique chance to challenge a bold theme without fear of failures. We encourage you to realize the ideas you are warming carefully in the heart at this opportunity.
 The special focus of the CICP 2015 is "actuating research achievements into real-world." Proposals considering the feedback of the research achievements to our society are strongly solicited. The proposals accelerating the student’s master/doctoral research toward practical use are also solicited.

Application qualification

The project leader must be an MC or DC student. Around 15 to 20 proposals will be selected and be provided 300,000 to 500,000 yen for each project. 
The leader (or a member) of accepted projects are requested to participate in all events including Interim Report (poster) and venture business plan presentation (oral) at the CICP 2015 workshop held in December, and the final demonstration and contest at Spring Seminar in March. Final report publication is also required in March.

CFP briefing

The briefing for potential applicants is scheduled on May 18th (Mon.) 13:30 - 14:30 in L2 class room.
Students who cannot attend the briefing may contact the CICP managers (i.e. Prof. Nakashima & Prof. Yasumoto) after the briefing.

Duties of the accepted projects

Accepted projects must present their achievements at events including

  • Interim Report (poster) and venture business plan presentation (oral) at CICP 2015 workshop
  • Demonstration and contest at the Spring Seminar
  • Final report publication
  • At least one external publication (TV, press, conferences, exhibition, etc)

Obligations of the project members

  • Participate all CICP events (In the case of no show, the financial support will be immediately aborted)
  • Keep the schedule above and publish the final report
  • Properly use the research funds and manage the purchased goods

Selection of the best project

 The best project will be selected of all accepted projects taking into account the following:

  • External publication/dissemination of research achievements: publications at TV broadcast, press reports, awards (in contests, international conferences, exhibition), papers/poster/demo in international conferences, demo in exhibition are scored and accumulated.
  • The number of votes obtained at the Spring Seminar.


Download the application form from, fill the form, convert it to the PDF format and send it by e-mail to
Only the project leader can submit the application form using NAIST Mandara address ( Mails sent from private addresses other than NAIST addresses will be ignored. “Subject” must be “cicp2015-<leader’s studentID>”. e.g., cicp2015-123456

Important Dates & Events (Refer for update)

May 15 (Fri) Start of application period
May 18 (Mon) Brifeing for potential applicants (13:30~14:30 @ L2)
Jun. 5 (Fri) 12:00 Application deadline (no extension)
Jun.12 (Fri) Acceptance Notification (Start of the Research)
Oct. 8 (Thu) Poster presentation at CEATEC (optional, counted as an exhibition)
Dec. 20-21 (Sun-Mon) Interim Report (poster) and Business Plan Presentation at CICP 2015 workshop (at Boscovilla)
March (TBA)   Demonstration & contest in the Spring Seminar
March (TBA)   Deadline for the Final Report (by paper)